Vario Lifter 1


Vario Lifter 2

The Vario Lifter™ isn´t just standard equipment on all WAHAN® snare drums, but is also available separately as sound- optimization for all snare drums. Fixed on the constriction ring, it keeps all muffling mass away from the shell, facilitates changing of the resonance head and upgrades every snare drum´s sound. With this type of mounting, it is no longer necessary to drill additional holes – and therefore the Vario Lifter™ is perfectly suited for retrofitting vintage snares.

Besides the technical advantages in regards to its mounting, the Vario Lifter™ provides the musician with new possibilities of expression: the knee pedal allows the snare wires to be raised and lowered during play without the use of hands. You can switch quickly between the snare and tom sounds while playing and even make transitions between the two – a total innovation!



Vario Lifter™ VL 1408/1308/1006
fits 13“ snares with 8 tuning screws
fits 10“ snares with 6 tuning screws

Vario Lifter™ VL 1410/1208
fits 14“ snares with 10 tuning screws
fits 12“ snares with 8 tuning screws



VARIO LIFTER™ – German version

VARIO LIFTER™ – English version

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