Wahan-PortraitWhen you talk about WAHAN®, then you are talking about the drum maker and musician Wahan “Willy” Cherbettchian, founder and CEO of WAHAN® Drum Technology. Under this trademark, he has developed, produced and sold percussive instruments since 1995.

However, the history of this company goes way back in time – as a child he learned to play drums, and he´s a high class drummer to this day. In addition, he grew up in his father´s carpenter shop, so to speak, where he learned the profession of lathe operator/milling cutter.

That is where he got his know-how about wood- and metal processing. In 1959 he began experimenting with and developing improvements for instruments and accessories – at first for himself and then for other drummers who wanted to have his “sound”. The demand for his handmade products rose sharply when natural drumheads were replaced by plastic ones, because they required a completely different bearing edge. Over time, Wahan gained enormous experience, for the customers´ wishes were as diverse as the drum sets that he modified.

Moreover, he began teaching drums and also opened a music shop. Wahan continued to accumulate his own and his colleagues´ ideas, wishes and experiences, and began offering the products he designed as a self-employed drum retailer and manufacturer in 1995.

Since then, WAHAN® Drum Technology has at its disposal patented and innovative technology and is in a position to produce a line of unrivaled drums and equipment. A crucial factor of his success lies not only the details hidden in his self-invented drum making machinery, but also in the fact that his products are truly handmade and are subjected to rigorous quality control. Therefore, the drummer gets an instrument of the highest quality.

Wahan Cherbettchian considers the instruments he makes to be “…dependable, versatile tools that can be used without misgivings in sound studios, rehearsal rooms and on stage.” Naturally, he considers the looks of his products an important component, but even more important to him has always been the sound. And that´s the main reason why drummers buy WAHAN® drums.